What is Obamas last name? Why it so HOT on the Internet?

Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States. He was elected to a four-year term in 2008, and reelected to an additional four years in 2012. What is Obamas last name?

The problem with this question is that there are too many answers! How do you know which one is right? This website will tell you exactly what his last name really is.

What is Obamas last name?
What is Obamas last name?

What is Obamas last name?

The Barack Theory is what most of the public accepts, but many articles purporting to be authoritative state his first name as “Barack”. But no one could possibly believe this! We all know Obama’s true identity – he was once President George W. Bush in another life (or something like that). The theory holds absolutely NO MERIT whatsoever.

Next, we have the “II Theory.” This theory goes a little bit like this: Obama’s father also happened to share his son’s name; so for distinction purposes they were differentiated by adding “II” at the end of Barack after an initial search proved futile because both looked similar on google who is obama? When you type it into Google results will show that there are actually 3 Obamas one called Barrack , another labeled ‘Barak’ with no lastname given but he has been president before!”

This brings us to the Double Obama. Traditionally, when a man and woman marry they inherit each other’s last names; for example Bob marries Jessi- Jessie then becomes JB (with an extra B). If this sounds confusing don’t worry because it is likely you haven’t heard of “The Triple O.”

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“What does this have anything do with Barack’s presidential name?” You may ask? It has been quite the mystery as to who Barack Obama’s wife is. Now, in an epic twist on his name and its meaning in relation to him being married twice – one would think that there are two Obamas out there with their last names combined into one!

However this isn’t necessarily true due II Theory which states “Innovation Induced Investment Dynamic” where ideas give rise not only themselves but also other innovations like theories by passing them onto others so they can innovate again too creating exponential growth for things such us technology or social change through these types of interactions.

Finally, we have “Mr. President” and many magazines refer to Obama as such – but is he really? Well it’s possible for someone in power like him with the last name of President (or other historical presidents) be called something different than their full names.

Both George Washington were referred to by this title after all! It doesn’t make sense that people would lie about calling our first president Mr., do they think no one will remember what happened next or does their distortion tell us more about ourselves rather than anything else…

Let me put you out on a limb here: there are two theories I don’t enjoy talking too much less believing because nothing could convince me otherwise whether these legends end.

Junior Jacob Wendt had the quick and decisive answer to my question of what President Obama’s last name might be. He responded with a resounding “Double!” Senior Madi Moore chimed in, agreeing that this was an appropriate choice for our 44th president. At long last – after consulting nearly everyone who knows anything about politics or history – it became clear as air: Barack Hussein Obama.

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Obama’s Last Name


In 2019, an internet joke took off speculating about what Barack Obama’s last name could be and imagining it being a well-guarded secret. The memes quickly spread from one community to another with people guessing at different names such as “Osama” or even more creative suggestions like POTUS (President of the United States).


The internet was abuzz on September 4th, 2012 when BuzzFeed published a series of tweets from Twitter users asking for the last name of then-incumbent United States president Barack Obama. Some assumed this was his first name because it seemed so easy to remember (several examples shown below).


In the following years, Obama’s last name became a punchline for many online jokes. In November 2013 an inquiry on The Ellen DeGeneres show sparked this issue when someone asked if they knew what it was and she said ‘no’.
The post quickly went viral with people making fun of those who wondered why he had not told them already!

A number of memes dating back to 2013 in which users made fun of those asking about Obama’s last name can be discovered online. One such meme preserved on January 21st, 2013 (when Ash from Pokemon turns his hat around) is shown below:

The Internet almost never disappoints us with clever and creative content that will make you laugh or take a break from all the seriousness we live through every day!

The meme has become an internet classic to the point that people are even trying to remember Obama’s last name like.

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Various Examples

What is Obamas last name?
What is Obamas last name? – Example 1
What is Obamas last name? - Example 2
What is Obamas last name? – Example 1
What is Obamas last name? - Example 3
What is Obamas last name? – Example 3


Does Obama have a last name?

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama is a man who has been in the public eye for over 20 years. He was born with this name but it’s not just him – many people have used “Obama” as their surname since he became leader!

Is Obama a Japanese name?

The Japanese have a number of Obamas. Though President Obama is from Kenya, it’s not uncommon for people with East African names to sound alike and this includes bothJapanese as well as those from other ethnic backgrounds in that part of Africa commonly referred tooa “Eurasia”.

How old is Obama today?

He is 60 years (August 4, 1961).

What does the name Barack mean?

Barack, also spelled Barak or Bareq ( مبارك in Arabic), means “blessed” and it’s most commonly used feminine form is Baraka(h). The Semitic root B-R-K has the original meaning of ‘to kneel down’ with a secondary sense to bless; which we can see through President Obama’s middle name – Hussein!


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