What Kinda Fish Is Dory? Can you Keep The Blue Tang as A Pet?

Finding Nemo is a great movie, but it’s been years since it came out and you still don’t know what type of fish Dory is.

We all love the movie Finding Nemo, but we’ve never been able to figure out if Dory was a Blue Tang or a Clownfish.

If you want to find out what kinda fish is Dory then check this website. It tells you exactly which type of fish she is in the movie! No more confusion about your favorite Disney Pixar character!

What Kinda Fish is Dory?

What Kinda Fish is Dory?
What Kinda Fish is Dory?

Pixar’s latest animated film, “Finding Dory,” introduces us to a whole new cast of characters. Among the most fascinating are the Pacific Blue Tangs in our Marine Life Oceanarium.

Dr. Craig Smith, MWL Curator has been studying these tropical ocean fish for years—called “tangs” because of their bright, tropical coloration. But there’s a lot more to this fish than meets the eye! Craig gave us some insight into their lives here at the Aquarium and in the wild:

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Dory is not a Pacific Blue Tang, as she claims. She does resemble one though—and that makes sense because she is one! But not in the way you may think. Dory is a Blue Tang, but she lives among the Pacifics at our Aquarium. When sea life does that, they are called “transients.”

What do the Blue Tangs eat?

What do the Blue Tangs eat?
What do the Blue Tangs eat?

They are omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and animals. They eat algae in the wild, but at the Aquarium, Craig feeds them brine shrimp.

Memory issues

There are common with the Blue Tang, but Dory’s lack of memory is because she has short-term memory loss. Her species are very social and naturally swim in groups, called “shoals.”

It seems like this movie will be about Dory trying to find Marlin and Nemo by herself. It can also be assumed that without the guidance of Marlin, Dory’s memory will fail her and she might forget where to go. But with her friends by her side, they may finally be able to reunite the clown fish family.

The behavior of Blue Tang / Dory?

New Pixar Movie “Finding Dory” Could Imperil Blue Tang Fish Species | The Inertia

In the movie, we see Dory’s memory loss and short term memory problems play a big role. While this is scientifically accurate, it seems like she will need to rely on others to help her remember things.

Her friends play a bigger role than expected. We can expect an adventure with lots of laughs and lessons of friendship .

Why do we call it Dory when we know its name is Nemo ?

It is very common for people to call fish by different names. For example, in our rehabilitation center, we have many fish that are named after characters from Finding Nemo.

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When Dory is first introduced to us, she cannot remember her own name. This is because she has short-term memory loss. When she is on her own, it’s hard for her to remember anything beyond a few seconds!

Capturing Dory

Thanks to the animated movies, there was a significant increase in the sales of the fish. This huge demand is turning to be detrimental for the species.

This is because wild caught fish are often not as healthy as those that are bred in captivity. Because of this, many activists have been fighting for a boycott of the film to prevent further casualties.

Pixar is planning on breeding Dorys after the movie releases so they can sell them later. One hopes it will be done in a responsible manner.

Should you keep the blue tang as a pet?

File:L'Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain 3 - Jan 07.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The blue tangs are considered reef safe. It means that they will not bother or eat other fish in your aquarium, but you can’t keep them with any other bigger animals. They are also bullied by bigger tank mates. They really require a lot of attention since their personalities seem to be very different from most other fish .

How can you tell if your fish is a dory or a nemo?

Dory has a black tail and Nemo’s tail is yellow. If your fish has a black tail, it is a Dory. If it has a yellow one, it is a Nemo.

In the wild, blue tangs live in tropical waters around the Pacific Ocean.

They are a type of surgeon fish, which means they have a sharp tail that they use to fight and defend themselves against predators.

FAQ about What kinda fish is Dory?

1. Why you shouldn’t buy a Dory fish?

Dory is a blue tang and it is difficult keeping them as pets. They require a lot of attention and there are risks to keeping them in a home aquarium.

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2. Is Dory a blue tang?

Dory is one of the blue tangs. She lives among them at our aquarium. When they move between oceans, it’s called “transients.”

3. Is Dory fish aggressive?

They are very social fish. They live in groups called “shoals.” But they can be aggressive to each other, especially if there’s not enough space.

4. What is the real name of Dory?

Dory actually has no real name. When she was introduced to us, she couldn’t remember her own name! Because of this, we just call her Dory.

5. Is Dory the only kind of fish that has blue eyes?

Blue tangs have beautiful blue eyes, but there are other kinds of fish with a similar eye color. Fish usually have various colors of eyes that can be affected by lighting or genetics.

6. How long do blue tangs live?

Blue tangs have a lifespan of about 15 years. This can be increased by having proper care and a well-balanced diet.

The Pixar movie “Finding Nemo” is a story about the journey of Dory, one of the most beloved characters in animated film history. In this article we explore some fun facts that you may not know about her and what kind of fish she actually is!

Read on to find out more about your favorite forgetful blue tang with an appetite for life! We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post and we’d love to hear from you if there are any other topics or questions that interest you in regards to Finding Nemo. Thanks for your stopping by!

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