What Is The Zodiac Sign For May 17: Personality, Zodiac Sign, Compatibility

What Is The Zodiac Sign For May 17?  You don’t know what your birthday means in astrology. Zodiac signs are a big part of who we are, but how much do you really understand about them?

what is the zodiac sign for may 17
what is the zodiac sign for may 17

This article will give you all the information that you need to know about your zodiac sign and personality traits. May 17th’s ruling planet is Mercury, which gives it a fast-paced energy and a sharp intellect. The Sun rules over Taurus from April 20th through May 21st so this day falls under an earth element making it more grounded than other days in May. If you were born on this day you have the characteristics of being practical, patient and loyal with a love for food and drink! Let’s get started learning more about what makes up your unique personality!

May 17 zodiac sign overview

Tauruses born on May 17 are perfectionists. They’re knowledgeable about things, but not overt in their knowledge; as a result, others may view them as being less brilliant than they really are because the Taurus prefers to keep it hidden away for personal reasons that have more importance than whatever anyone else thinks of his or her accomplishments (which will likely never matter anyways).
A cautious approach is best when dealing with someone like this–you don’t want him/her thinking you think less highly-of them!

May 17 birthday zodiac sign – Taurus

May 17 birthday zodiac sign – Taurus
May 17 birthday zodiac sign – Taurus

What makes you the most loyal and dedicated person around? You are so unyielding in your commitment to others, it’s no wonder that people call upon taurus for help. Your steady nature is one thing but with an added dose of discipline comes all sorts amazing things! This includes organization skills like keeping everything ordered at home or work as well as motivation when needed most (like during those pesky deadlines).

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May 17 zodiac sign birthday element

Earth is your sign’s paired element, and in fact only Taurus has a stable link to earth. You are as solid of foundation on which to build for future success with this natural affinity that you have inherited from the planet we all share an unbreakable bond towards its grounded qualities- practicality among them! But excessive caution can beset those who live by their signs’ elements: Earthly prudence must be learned so it doesn’t become another obstacle between oneself and what they want most out life–prosperity itself.

May 17 zodiac sign birthday planetary influence

As you are born under the rule of Venus, it is only natural that Taurus would be your sign. And because a portion (the third decan) falls within this zone too, some aspects from Saturn also come into play for good measure; namely patience and understanding in situations where they seem like outright frustration. The combination makes one patient which isn’t always easy with other people who may not share their feelings or ideas so easily-but then again if there wasn’t anything worth fighting over why bother at all?

May 17 zodiac sign personality, may 17 birthday personality

When you were born on May 17th, Saturn was the dominating astrological planet. It bestows an ordered business mind and self-discipline to those who are fortunate enough for this day of their birth! If someone is opinionated at times then it comes easy because they have that strong will from being able to work hard under pressure as well as care deeply about others’ feelings without sacrificing themselves first – so if anything goes wrong in life just know there’s always room where another shoe fits.

You are independent, innovative and self-sufficient. You have a tendency for seeing things the way they really are which is uncommon in society today where people tend to be more concerned about what other’s think of them than themselves. People born on May 17th often project an image that others can easily distinguish as intelligent because it sticks close emotionally without much deception or manipulation–a high degree of honesty goes right along with this trait!

May 17 zodiac sign positive raits

You are free to enjoy life, teach others how they can follow their spontaneity and ease into beauty of success.

May 17 zodiac sign negative traits

Troublemakers without a cause are individuals that advocate for the rights of those who do not require their assistance, and humanistic values with one or two imperfections must be sure they choose which battles to fight.

May 17 zodiac sign love and emotions

May 17 zodiac sign love and emotions
May 17 zodiac sign love and emotions

Taurus representatives born on May 17th live in a stressful, emotional environment. Still, some find comfort and settle for companions who help them maintain stability during times of change; unfortunately this is not as beneficial to their growth because they need someone with the right mindset if it’s going be an improvement or will simply waste time – like everything else these types do: without challenge there can never really true progress made towards living life fully until death separates us from those experiences we’ve yet encounter.

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When something doesn’t feel natural and you’ve been with the same person for a long time, it can be difficult to know what kind of relationship is right. A healthy one? Or maybe just one that gives both people their needs met without sacrificing autonomy or sense-of-selfness in favor on staying together because we’re used too each others’ routines now as if they were our own personal lives – but not always having those discussions creates an air traffic control problem at some point when things start getting outta hand!

May 17 zodiac sign family

May 17th is a day of traditional values for those living in the town. This means that on this date, May 17th natives will uphold family-oriented and filial acts as well as being surrogate parents to younger siblings or brothers who have less parental supervision due to work schedules not aligning with theirs. They are also very much concerned about discipline deficiencies which can arise from lack thereof at times where there might be friction between childern an parent(s).

May 17 zodiac sign health

May 17 zodiac sign health
May 17 zodiac sign health

Hypochondriacs can be seen on May 17. They are concerned about all aspects of fitness, including exercise and dietary habits along with relaxation techniques like meditative states

May 17 zodiac sign career

May 17 zodiac sign career
May 17 zodiac sign career

On May 17, individuals are born who have a natural gift for business and finance. They enjoy positions of responsibility but not power-hungry like many people in these fields might be. This is because the natives know how to turn tiny resources into significant revenues through prudent investing on money which they seem very well suited at doing!

May 17 zodiac sign dreams and objectives

For many, the 17th of May is a day that inspires confidence and discipline; it also brings with it an aptitude for organization. Those born under this sign are not easily dissuaded from their goals nor discouraged by failures in life – they will go on to be great parents who often fantasize about laying down safe emotional groundwork before providing financial security later on down the line. This is all about achieving excellence through hard work! The drive towards success can sometimes seem relentless but these individuals thrive when challenges arise because their optimism always shines through: nothing gets them completely excited than seeing someone achieve something extraordinary.

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May 17 lucky

May 17 born lucky flowers

A poppy or violet, May 17 is the day to choose these flowers for your lucky charm! The colors blue and white symbolize purity. They also have strong ties with death which may make them seem like an odd choice but this association can be useful because if you’re dealing with health issues then maybe it would bring some good luck in terms of healing mentally as well as physically.

May 17 born lucky plant

May 17 born lucky plant
May 17 born lucky plant

The lucky plant is lilies. May 17th, it’s a day for all you budding gardeners out there to enjoy your favorite flower!

May 17 born lucky animal

The bear is considered to be the best animal for those who want good fortune. The first thing you should know about this subject, as it pertains specifically with luck and what not that comes into one’s life through various means such as birth date signs or zodiac signs (or more), which lucky creature we call upon in order make our day better than before… The answer: Bears!

May 17 born tarot card

The Hierophant card, the fifth in a tarot deck of 56 Minor Arcana or trump cards has long been considered to be one with powerful and mysterious meanings. The connotations it carries are often associated chaos; order; sacredness; spirituality which may explain its popularity among many types of readers like herbalists, psychics etc., who wish for guidance through their reading sessions.

May 17 born sabian symbol

May 17th is a day of celebration and honor for all who fight in defense or support something that matters. On this date, we pay homage to those brave souls with sabian symbols like “A Battle Between Swords And Torches.”

May 17 born lucky color

The color green is the zodiac sign for Taurus natives born on May 17th. Green as an object, it stands to represent nature and fertility-two things that are near-and dear to this diehard romantic’s heart! So if you’re looking into incorporating something forest-like in your décor or wearing one of my many leaf print tops (both here), I hope they bring some fresh vegetation inspiration with them too.


The zodiac sign for May 17 is Taurus. It’s a great time to be focused on your work or hobbies, and if you’re looking for love, now might not the best time because it can end up being too serious or clingy instead of fun!

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