What Is Apple Butter Good On?

What Is Apple Butter Good On?

What do I do with Apple Butter?
  • Spread it on toast.
  • Stir it into oatmeal.
  • Top your pancakes and waffles with it.
  • Use it instead of pumpkin or applesauce in recipes.
  • Set out a bowl with a cheese plate.
  • Swirl it into cakes or cupcakes.
  • Brush it on chicken or pork during the last few cooking minutes.

How do people use apple butter?

How to Use Apple Butter
  1. Spread it on a sandwich. …
  2. Stir some into your morning oatmeal. …
  3. Use it in place of pizza sauce. …
  4. Dollop it on top of pancakes and waffles. …
  5. Swap it out for pumpkin puree in your favorite pumpkin pie recipe. …
  6. Stir a couple spoonfuls into mashed sweet potatoes or butternut squash soup.

How healthy is apple butter?

Apple butter may be a healthier choice of spread than other breakfast spreads, but would not be considered to be healthy, as it does not give the consumer very many nutrients. Apple butter is more of an accessory food to put on your toast or other foods simply added for its taste.

Does apple butter need to be refrigerated?

Does apple butter need to be refrigerated after opening? Yes! Make sure that you refrigerate your apple butter after you’ve opened the can or jar.

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Is apple butter good on bagels?

16 Ways to Enjoy Apple Butter Spread

Use Apple Butter and pecans as crepe filling. Spread it on toast or English muffins instead of jelly. Mix with cream cheese and spread on bagels. As a side dish with any pork dish.

Can you substitute apple butter for applesauce?

It’s actually the best one that you could think of. For a cup of apple butter substitute it with 1 ½ cup of applesauce.

What does apple butter taste like?

Apple butter has a hint of warm cinnamon spice, but mostly it just tastes like apples. It’s a very intense apple flavor, because it is essentially just apples cooked down and concentrated to their essence. It’s in a class by itself. It’s not really a jam or a jelly, although it can be used in much the same way.

Why is it called apple butter?

Apple butter is made by slowly cooking pureed apples for over an hour. The sugars in the apples caramelize as the puree cooks, giving the apple butter its rich, sweet flavor and dark color. In contrast to what the name implies, there is no “butter” in apple butter. The name comes from its smooth and buttery texture.

Can apple butter go bad?

Unopened apple butter can keep forever. … If kept refrigerated, your apple butter can last a little longer and if you’re freezing it, it should still be good even after two years. Opened. Stored continuously refrigerated, your apple butter should stay in a good condition for about a month.

How long does canned apple butter last?

about two years
Home-canned apple butter has a shelf life of about two years. Store in a cool, dark place.

How long after opening is apple butter good?

about 1 year

Apple butter that has been continuously refrigerated will generally stay at best quality for about 1 year.

Can you freeze apple butter in jars?

Yes, you can definitely freeze apple butter. Freezing is an easy way to preserve apple butter. Start off with clean and freezer-safe containers like mason jars or freezer bags. … Having a stash of apple butter ready will save you time in making your recipes.

Will apple butter thicken as it cools?

Apple butter will thicken as it cools, so don’t worry if it still looks a little runny in the slow cooker! If you still need to thicken your apple butter, you can continue to cook it uncovered in your crock pot or simmer it on the stove.

Does apple butter go with peanut butter?

The apple butter adds a spicy depth to the peanut butter. These would be a great addition to any party – a somewhat healthier addition to a calorie-laden game day table.

What is the difference between apple butter and applesauce?

What is the difference between applesauce and apple butter, anyway? Time. … Applesauce is a fairly quick process, cooked apples run through a food mill. Apple butter is basically concentrated apple sauce, cooked down even more until it’s thicker, silkier, and more intensely apple flavored.

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Can you use apple butter instead of butter?

Apple butter works like applesauce in that you can substitute it for oil and butter, if you want. It gives recipes a super rich depth of flavor, and pretty much smells like fall in a bottle, which is why it’s perfect for snickerdoodles.

Does apple butter taste like apple sauce?

Apple butter is essentially concentrated applesauce.

It’s usually flavored with the usual suspects—think cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, nutmeg or a handful of other “warming spices”—and the cooking process is similar. … What you’re left with is a dark brown, deeply caramelized spread packed with intense apple flavor.

Is applesauce actually a sauce?

Applesauce is a semi-solid sauce created from apples, some form of liquid (such as water or cider), warm spices, and sugar, if desired.

Can apple butter replace eggs?

Recipe Tips

Apple butter and applesauce are both great substitutes for eggs when baking. The batter will be very thick when you spread it in the baking dish. Use a spatula to evenly spread it out in the pan.

Does Trader Joe’s sell apple butter?

Trader Joe’s Honey Apple Butter.

Is apple butter apple jelly?

Since apple butter is a spread, it is closer to a jam than a sauce. … Apple butter allows the process to mature, so it turns over into a jelly-like spread or “butter”.

How do you know if apple butter is bad?

How can you tell if apple butter is bad or spoiled? The best way is to smell and look at the apple butter: if the butter develops an off odor, flavor or appearance, or if mold appears, it should be discarded.

Is apple sauce the same as Apple Jam?

It’s really mostly just the cooking time. You do not want to overcook your applesauce so it is nice and smooth, we prefer apple jam to be somehow thicker and sweeter also to have some fruit pieces in there, and apple butter is apples cooked down to a buttery texture.

How do you store canned apple butter?

Set it on the stove on high to start boiling. Ladle in the warm apple butter (I like using a canning funnel), leaving 1/4 inch of headspace. Headspace is defined as the space between the top of the food and the top of the jar. Remove the bubbles from the jar (I use a plastic chopstick).

What is the best apple for apple butter?


Generally speaking, softer varieties of apples such as Fuji, Golden Delicious, McIntosh, or Jonagold work better since they cook down faster. I used a mix of Granny Smith, Fuji and Honeycrisp in my apple butter, and even the crisper varieties broke down well for a smooth apple butter.

How do you fix runny apple butter?

There is always a danger that you thicken the apple butter too much. The easiest correction is to add additional applesauce to the mix and continue to cook the mix until it reaches the desired consistency.

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How long does fruit butter last?

Fruit butter will last about 10 days stored in the refrigerator and up to 3 months in the freezer.

How do I store apple butter without canning?

If you are NOT canning the apple butter, ladle the hot butter into clean mason jars, wipe lids clean, secure lids on jars, and refrigerate (and/or give away). Apple Butter that is not canned must be kept refrigerated, and has a limited storage time.

How long can it sit out?

Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F, doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes. This range of temperatures is often called the “Danger Zone.” Never leave food out of refrigeration over 2 hours.

Does jelly need to be refrigerated?

Jellies and jams do not need to go in the fridge because they have a water activity of around 0.80, and their pH is usually around 3. So they don’t have enough moisture to support bacteria and are too acidic for them as well. Conclusion: Keep your jams and jellies wherever you want to.

How do I freeze apple butter?

Freezing the apple butter

Remove the kettle from the heat and allow it to cool. Once it is cool to the touch, ladle it in to the freezer containers, leaving 1/2 inch head space in each one. Seal the containers and place in the freezer. Store the apple butter safely in the freezer for several months, up to a year.

Can you freeze Mason jars?

Yes, you can freeze in mason jars. … First of all, if the jars do decide to have an earth shatteringly good time in your freezer, the breaks tend to be clean and kept intact by the frozen liquid. I have had a glass jar break on me.

Are mason jars freezer safe?

Mason jars are a workhorse in the kitchen, and are the perfect simplified storage solution because they can be used in so many different ways. They’re durable, are plastic-free, inexpensive, and work perfectly in the pantry, fridge and in the freezer.

What do you do if apple butter is too sweet?

If the apple butter tastes too sweet for you, add about 1/4 cup of vinegar to the mixture. This will add a bit of tartness to the apple butter. Also, if the butter is too chunky for your taste then let the apple butter cool down.

Why is my apple butter not thick?

The easiest way to thicken apple butter is to put it in the crock in a 350º oven without a lid. Stir it occasionally until it is as thick as you like it.

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