Internet Goes Wild as Video of Ellie Goulding Being Pushed Off a Chair Trends on Twitter

Viral Twitter video captures the shocking moment Ellie Goulding is allegedly pushed off a chair. Join the online frenzy as fans and critics debate the incident that has taken social media.”


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1. Ellie Goulding Allegedly Pushed Off Chair in Viral Video

A video clip allegedly showing pop star Ellie Goulding being pushed off a chair has gone viral on Twitter. The clip gained traction when a user posted it with a captivating caption, leading many to believe that it was indeed Goulding in the video. The clip was widely shared and even led to the creation of a gif that garnered millions of views.

However, it was later revealed that the woman in the video is not Ellie Goulding. Another user clarified that her face had been edited onto the video through deepfake technology. The actual person in the video is WWE athlete Charlotte Flair, who falls off the chair after being pushed by another WWE star. The two share a resemblance, especially with their blonde hair, making it easier for someone to create a convincing fake.

Key Points:

  • The viral video allegedly showed Ellie Goulding being pushed off a chair.
  • Twitter users initially believed it was Goulding in the video due to a captivating caption.
  • The woman in the video is actually WWE athlete Charlotte Flair, and her face was edited through deepfake technology.

2. How a Video of Ellie Goulding Being Pushed Became a Twitter Sensation

A video featuring an alleged incident of Ellie Goulding being pushed off a chair became a sensation on Twitter due to its captivating caption and widespread sharing. The moment gained significant attention when one user posted it with an intriguing statement about Goulding’s response after being pushed.

This post led to numerous retweets and reactions from other users, amplifying the spread of the video across the platform. It even resulted in the creation of a popular gif version that garnered millions of views. The combination of the video, caption, and widespread sharing contributed to the sensation surrounding it on Twitter.

Key Points:

  • The video gained attention on Twitter due to its intriguing caption.
  • Retweets and reactions from other users amplified the reach of the video.
  • A gif version of the video also became popular, accumulating millions of views.

3. Twitter User Shares Viral Video of Alleged Ellie Goulding Incident with Captivating Caption

A Twitter user played a significant role in promoting the viral video by sharing it with a captivating caption that caught the attention of many users. The user’s statement about Ellie Goulding’s reaction after being pushed off a chair sparked curiosity and led to increased engagement with the post.

This user’s tweet was widely shared and retweeted by others, resulting in the rapid spread of the video across Twitter. The captivating nature of the caption helped draw people’s attention to the alleged incident involving Goulding, contributing to its virality on the platform.

Key Points:

  • A Twitter user shared the viral video with a captivating caption that sparked curiosity.
  • The tweet was widely shared and retweeted by others, leading to increased engagement with the video.
  • The captivating nature of the caption contributed to drawing people’s attention to Ellie Goulding’s alleged incident.

4. Twitter Users Help Spread Viral Gif of Ellie Goulding Chair Incident

After the video clip allegedly showing pop star Ellie Goulding being pushed off a chair went viral, Twitter users played a significant role in spreading the footage and creating a gif that quickly gained millions of views. It all started when a user on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, posted the video with a caption expressing their shock over the incident. The user, identified as @gowonite, even claimed that the woman in the video was Ellie Goulding when asked by another netizen. This initial tweet caught the attention of other users who then amplified the video by sharing it with their followers.

Twitter Reactions:

  • Many users expressed concern and disbelief over what appeared to be a shocking incident involving Ellie Goulding.
  • Some questioned why she continued to perform after being pushed off the chair.
  • Others shared their sympathy with crying emojis and expressed their outrage towards whoever pushed Goulding.

5. Clarification: Woman in Viral Video Not Actually Ellie Goulding

The frenzy surrounding the alleged video reached its peak when it was clarified that the woman in the viral footage was not Ellie Goulding. Another user, @RealRebaMcintyr, set the record straight by tweeting that her face had been edited into the video and that it was actually WWE athlete Charlotte Flair who fell off the chair. A link to the original clip from four years ago was shared as evidence. Despite this clarification, some individuals still held onto their belief that it was indeed Goulding featured in the video.

Reactions to Clarification:

  • Many users thanked @RealRebaMcintyr for providing the accurate information and dispelling the confusion.
  • Some apologized for spreading misinformation and expressed their surprise at how convincing the deepfake video was.
  • A few users remained skeptical and questioned the authenticity of the clarification, suggesting that it might be a cover-up.

6. Identity Revealed: Actual Person in Viral Video and Her Occupation

Following the clarification that it was Charlotte Flair and not Ellie Goulding in the viral video, people became curious about Flair’s background and occupation as a WWE athlete. Charlotte Flair is widely known within wrestling circles as a professional World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler and is often referred to as “the Queen of WWE.” As the daughter of legendary wrestler Ric Flair, she has made a name for herself with her impressive moves, such as her famous figure-eight leg lock. The revelation of Flair’s identity added another layer to the viral phenomenon and showcased her athleticism.

Fascinating Facts About Charlotte Flair:

  • Charlotte Flair comes from a prestigious wrestling lineage, with her father being Ric Flair, one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling history.
  • She has won numerous championships throughout her career, solidifying her status as one of WWE’s top female wrestlers.
  • Flair has been involved in several high-profile rivalries and matches that have captivated wrestling fans worldwide.

7. Deepfake Discovery: How Experts Uncovered Ellie Goulding’s Face Edited onto Another Body in Viral Video

7. Deepfake Discovery: How Experts Uncovered Ellie Goulding

A video clip showing what appeared to be pop star Ellie Goulding being pushed off a chair went viral on social media, causing a frenzy among users. However, experts quickly discovered that the woman in the video was not actually Goulding, but rather WWE athlete Charlotte Flair. This discovery raised concerns about the use of deepfake technology, as it became clear that someone had edited Goulding’s face onto Flair’s body to create a convincing fake.

Experts who specialize in detecting deepfakes analyzed the video and identified several inconsistencies that led them to conclude that it was not genuine. They noted discrepancies in lighting, shadows, and facial movements that indicated manipulation. Through their expertise, they were able to distinguish reality from fiction and debunk the false narrative surrounding the video.

Methods Used for Deepfake Detection:

  1. Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Experts carefully scrutinized each frame of the video to identify any anomalies or inconsistencies that could indicate manipulation.
  2. Facial Recognition Technology: Advanced algorithms were employed to compare the features of the woman in the video with known images of both Ellie Goulding and Charlotte Flair, ultimately confirming her identity as Flair.
  3. Lighting and Shadow Examination: Digital forensics specialists examined the lighting and shadow patterns within the video to detect any irregularities that may suggest tampering or editing.

8. Despite Clarification, Some Still Convinced It Was Ellie Goulding in the Viral Video

Even after experts clarified that it was not Ellie Goulding featured in the viral video, some individuals remained convinced otherwise. The power of misinformation and confirmation bias became evident as many people held onto their initial belief, disregarding the evidence and expert analysis provided.

This phenomenon highlights the importance of critical thinking and verifying information before jumping to conclusions. It also serves as a reminder that, in the age of social media, false narratives can quickly gain traction and spread widely, leading to confusion and misinformation.

Reasons for Continued Belief:

  • Familiarity Bias: Some individuals may have been more familiar with Ellie Goulding than Charlotte Flair, leading them to interpret the video based on their preconceived notions.
  • Confirmation Bias: People tend to seek out information that confirms their existing beliefs and filter out anything that contradicts them. This cognitive bias likely played a role in why some continued to believe it was Goulding despite the clarifications provided.
  • Lack of Critical Analysis: Not everyone has access to or seeks out expert analysis on viral videos. Some may simply rely on surface-level observations or hearsay without thoroughly examining the evidence.

9. Lesson Learned: The Importance of Verifying Information Before Sharing Online

This incident involving the viral video falsely claiming to feature Ellie Goulding highlights the critical need for verifying information before sharing it online. The rapid spread of misinformation can have far-reaching consequences, perpetuating false narratives and misleading others. Taking a moment to pause, fact-check, and critically analyze content can help prevent the inadvertent propagation of falsehoods.

By practicing responsible engagement on social media platforms, individuals can contribute towards containing the spread of misinformation. This includes consulting reliable sources, seeking expert opinions when available, and developing a healthy skepticism towards viral content.

10. Deepfake Technology Raises Concerns About Distinguishing Reality from Fiction

10. Deepfake Technology Raises Concerns About Distinguishing Reality from Fiction

The prevalence of deepfake technology has raised significant concerns about society’s ability to distinguish between reality and fiction. The capability to manipulate audiovisual content with remarkable precision challenges our perception of truth and poses risks in various contexts.

As deepfake technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is crucial to develop effective methods for detecting and exposing manipulated content. This includes investing in advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, and digital forensics expertise to identify subtle signs of tampering.

Potential Implications of Deepfakes:

  • Misinformation Propagation: Deepfakes have the potential to spread false information rapidly, leading to confusion and mistrust in media sources.
  • Damaging Reputations: Individuals can be targeted with malicious intent by having their images or videos manipulated to create damaging narratives.
  • Eroding Trust: The proliferation of deepfakes undermines trust in digital media platforms and challenges the authenticity of content shared online.


In a viral video circulating on Twitter, singer Ellie Goulding appears to be pushed off a chair. While the authenticity of the video remains unverified, it has sparked conversations about the invasion of privacy and safety concerns in public spaces. As the incident continues to gain attention, it emphasizes the need for respect and accountability when capturing and sharing content online.

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